The Presenter Mentor

by Robin on April 24, 2012

Launching a new service from Learnworks

Pitch coming up?  Nervous about that board presentation?  Dreading that project report? Wrestling with PowerPoint?

Can you be a high performer if you can’t perform?

If you’ve got a presentation to do and you could do with some objective and independent feedback and support, the Presenter Mentor is here to help.

Robin Hoyle is a world class trainer and presenter who will assist you in honing your presentation and the skills you need to make an impact and get your message across.  Having supported thousands of trainers to beef up their skills in front of a group, the Presenter Mentor programme brings all his experience in a concentrated, personalised just-in-time programme for anyone with an important presentation to make.

You will receive…

  • A preparatory workbook including tips and techniques before the presentation
  • A three hour presentation coaching session (with professional video support where required) with clear feedback, and
  • Agreed action plan support and follow up.

Learn how to …

  • control breathing, pitch, pace and volume for maximum impact
  • manage your body language and posture
  • use the technology rather than be used by it
  • build a compelling story
  • entertain as well as inform
  • ensure that the key message is clear and your audience gets it!

The Presenter Programme can be tailored to support individuals or small groups collaborating on a single presentation.  With prices starting from just £500 – can you afford not to?

The Presenter Mentor – for when high performers need to really perform.

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