I’m not anti-social – honest!

by Robin on May 9, 2013

I decided to do some learning of my own yesterday (8th May) and attended a webinar run by the Learning and Performance Institute. While waiting for things to get going,  music was played to the awaiting multutude – a selection of 70’s and 80’s soft rock classics.  If only I’d realised it was a portent of what was to follow.

In the spirit of the session – about Learning in the Connected Workplace – I have blogged about it on Trainng Zone, making sense of what I learned and sharing it with others.  You can see my take on the ‘new’ shiny world of so-called social learning here.

I seem to be cast in the role of nay-sayer, yet again.  Bizarrely, I actually agree with almost all of what was shared during the webinar. But constantly describing things as new, novel or changed – when in fact they are at best an evolution of what has gone before (and in many cases just an adoption of a new lexicon for pretty standard approaches to training) is irritating.  Particularly when – like me – you are fast approaching grumpy old man mode.

Some of these approaches weren’t that new when I first encoutered them in the 1980’s – although the media and the channels might have changed.

Unlike the choice of waiting music, it seems.

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