For Boris, training might be a complete waste of time.

by Robin on December 3, 2013

Cuddly, lovable and clubbable Boris Johnson showed a slightly darker political side at the Centre for Policy Studies last week.  His Margaret Thatcher lecture included musings on the benefits of greed, envy and inequality.  Perhaps most damning, he cited IQ tests scores as a predictor of future success.

Should we be worried that a prominent politician gives credibility to such a blunt and discredited measure of capability?  What does his ‘capitalism red in tooth and claw’ speech mean for those of us engaging in building the capability of people of all backgrounds and previous levels of educational achievement?

My take on it can be found in a new blog, here.

Please join the debate.  Am I over-reacting?  Am I just an old leftie with a chip on my shoulder? Or is Boris really quite a dangerous man to have in the upper echelons of political power?

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