Games and Older Workers

by Robin on March 17, 2014

Not two subjects you’ll often see in the same headline, but such is the richness of my world that in recent weeks I’ve been considering both these topics.


If you use games and the inelegantly named ‘gamification’ to enhance your learning offerings, you might find my recent blog over on training zone of interest. It concerns my own gaming experience – admittedly not extensive – and my musings on how games teach us things.  Especially I’m interested in how game mechanics changes our behaviour and may impact what and how we learn.

Training the Over 50s

Many of you will know from previous my previous contributions here and elsewhere how concerned I am that organisations are overlooking older workers when they are planning their L&D activities.  The simple fact is that we have a higher proportion of over 50s in the work force than ever before and they are likely to stay with us longer than ever before.  It seems to me to be really daft not to plan for their capability development alongside addressing the skills needs of their younger colleagues.  I was recently invited to deliver a webinar for the Corporate eLearning Consortium on this subject.  You can access the recording of it here.

If there is anything here which sparks an idea, please get in touch.

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