How senior should the Chief Learning Officer be?

by Robin on March 27, 2014

An interesting video appeared from the Deloitte Center for the Edge recently.  It suggests that learning and development should be much higher up the agenda of senior leaders and – apparently controversially – that Chief Learning Officers should or could become organisation CEOs.  This was a red rag to various folks who think that formal L&D should be consigned to the history books. The blogosphere responded.

Never one who is shy of adding my two-penn’orth you can see my comments on the original video and some of the responses to it here.

I know you should never reference yourself, but I’m quite pleased that the basic premise of the Deloitte researchers comments supports my call for Performance Directors whch I made in last year’s book, Complete Training.

Please join the debate – either here or on the TrainingZone website.

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