Do we need to drop the unfounded assertions?

by Robin on July 24, 2014

If like me you get a bit fed up with reading assertions in blogs, articles and white papers, I invite you to join my Evidence Please campaign.

I’m chairing the World of Learning conference this month (book by 30th August for 30% discount) and I’m using this opportunity to ask for more evidence based practice in Learning and Development.  I strongly believe that if we are to be taken seriously by our colleagues in other business functions, we need to be able to support whatever we say through robust evidence.

This is a theme you may have come across before – especially if you’ve read my book Complete Training: from recruitment to retirement.

You can find out more about why I’ve decided to take these particular cudgels up again here or here.

I hope you can join me at World of Learning and work together to increase the level of evidence based practice in our proud industry.

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