Learning from experience just got harder

by Robin on July 17, 2014

Recent legal rulings could limit online debate – especially if you wanted to say something about someone else that was not universally positive.

My own feeling is that what passes for debate online is pretty limited. It is either people shouting about their own prejudices in increasingly intemperate ways, or it is unremittingly positive (not to say smug) with precious little insight of any value.

I have long advocated that we need more robust, evidence based debate online.  One of the things which stops that may be a reluctance to be critical of others or to discuss how or why things go wrong.  Specifically, there is a reluctance to discuss the mistakes and errors made by others (unless they stand for political office or claim benefits in which case they are fair game).

In my most recent blog on traningzone, I discuss my own disquiet about two recent legal rulings. I don’t think it’s the end of critical debate on the web – far from it – but I have sufficient experience of in-house legal counsel drafting policies about what can and can’t be said online to be fearful that these two cases might further limit our ability to enter into debate and discussion.

Let me know what you think.

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