Something for nothing culture

by Robin on November 10, 2014

Are you as fed up as I am by the way benefits are being used to give people something for nothing?  Yes. I’m talking about big businesses scrounging off the tax payer again.

Today the CBI has called for an additional £7bn of tax reductions and other benefits to prop up those employers who think they should be able to get away with paying people less than the amount of money required to actually be able to live in the UK. There are no specific returns on this £7bn investment from government – just a general hope that this will result in more spending and a better economy.

Enough is enough!  If businesses want to continue employing people for poverty wages, shouldn’t we set a time limit on how long they can do this for and require them to create a training programmes to enable them to develop the skills and capabilities where they can easily contribute sufficiently to justify being paid the living wage. if you think this is excessive, let’s not forget that the loving wage is just £15,300 per year for a full time job outside London.

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