Understanding Human Behaviour starts with eliminating the myths

by Robin on November 5, 2014

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Annual Conference is on this week and Peter Cheese the CIPD CEO has said: “Fundamentally, the heart of HR is understanding Human Behaviour.”

I agree with him, but it might be far from simple.  There are so many myths and prejudices in the learning and development world that it can be tricky to navigate the ground-breaking amongst the garbage.  As I’ve written about in Complete Training we need to base our practice around solid evidence grounded in reputable research.

Peter Cheese’s comments come the same week as a slew of research reports hit my inbox, some of them from the CIPD themselves.  All these reports have some things to commend them, but all of them also have areas which are at best questionable and at worst downright misleading.  You can read about my take on Understanding Human Behaviour here.

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