New paradigm? Not that new

by Robin on December 5, 2014

I am currently working on a new book about Informal Learning and as part of this I have been keeping an eye on commentators and writers in areas associated with on the job and collaborative learning activities.

As Online Educa Berlin is going on this week, I was watching the feeds from there with interest.  As online learning becomes much more influenced by the read/write web – or web 2.0 – there was bound to be lots of opinions being shared on informal learning.

I wasn’t disappointed and the twitterati were very keen to share the insights they had gathered as the conference sessions unfolded.  One conference session was addressed by Howard Rheingold who took as his theme ‘co-learning’.  This sparked a few ideas of my own primarily about how co-learning – rather like multi-tasking – is one of those activities which is slightly misunderstood and unhelpfully simplified.

Combined with my recent experience meeting with a team in a large teaching hospital, I have a slightly different view about what actually happens when we learn from each other. Check out this blog on TrainingZone and please join in the debate and share your thoughts, experiences and opinions.

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