Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2015

by Robin on June 17, 2015

I spent yesterday (16th June) at the Learning and Technologies Summer Forum and conference (LTSF15 for short). as well as catching up with some fine folks I attended a number of sessions. As part of my own learning and reflection I have written them up for anyone else who might be interested.

Overall, an interesting, and as ever with these events, a thought provoking experience.  Even when I don’t agree with what is being said – working out why I don’t agree and why the speaker is alternatively convinced is always a useful learning process. Unusually I did find things with which I agreed – even in unlikely places. However, I found some of what was said perplexing.

My thoughts can be found here and if you were there or if you wanted to be but couldn’t or if you never even knew the event was on, I’d like to know what you thought as well.  Join the discussion.

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