Informal Learning In Organizations: Contents

Informal Learning in Organizations: how to create a continuous learning culture is published by Kogan Page on September 3rd 2015.

It is available for pre-order here: See  Informal Learning in Organizations on the Kogan Page website



Section 1:            Making sense of informal learning at work

Chapter 1:           What is Informal Learning?

Chapter 2:           A Model of Informal learning

Chapter 3:           The Capability Contract

Chapter 4:           Formal Training and The Budget Paradox

Chapter 5:           Informal doesn’t mean unmanaged

Chapter 6:           Culture and Informal Learning

Section 2:            Liking Ain’t Learning: The rise of social and the impact of technology

Chapter 7:           Liking, learning and looking up the answers

Chapter 8:           Is there hope beyond the social media hype?

Chapter 9:           Smarter Social Tools

Chapter 10:         Social networking skills for learning and collaboration

Chapter 11:         Learning from Academia

Section 3:            Learning as you work, working as you learn

Chapter 12:         Integrating Learning into Work

Chapter 13:         Measuring and Evaluating

Chapter 14:         The informal learning action plan