High Impact Presentations

“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.” D. H. Lawrence  

Presentations are central to work, even in a world of the webinar and the wiki, being able to present is still a central set of skills for anyone wishing to make an impact and get things done.

As a presenter I’ve spoken at events with over thousands of attendees and I’ve run courses for as few as three people.  The essential skill – communicating with each individual – is still the same. There are many reasons why presentation sometimes fail to achieve their goal: nerves, too little knowledge, too much knowledge, voice, body language, pace, pitch, volume and visual aids can all conspire to reduce impact.

That’s why we have developed a programme for anyone wishing to make an impact with a presentation.  Whether you want to recruit people to your campaign, gain orders for your product or implement change in your organisation, everyone can benefit from an objective review of how they come across to others.

The High Impact Presentation programme from Learnworks uses a tailored blended approach to flexibly meet your presentation skills needs.

Stage 1: Diagnosis and goals Where are you now and what do you want to achieve?  Like all good training there isn’t a one size fits all approach to building great presentations and delivering them with panache, passion and professionalism.  we’ll tailor the programme to meet your specific goals and address you particular needs.

Stage 2: Online learning. A specially adapted 30 minute online module which gives you some pointers for preparation and provides hints and tips to structuring a great and memorable presentation.  We’ll build your specific products, themes and requirements into the module and wrap it in your branding.

Stage 3: Interactive workshop. A one day highly experiential workshop where you’ll have chance to practice and gain feedback in a safe, supportive environment.  To maximise the time spent with each individual and to create a supportive in-company network,  numbers are limited to 8 participants from the same organisation.

We know that learning doesn’t stop at the training room door, so we would prefer all participants to have an immediate need to prepare and deliver a presentation – within a month of their workshop attendance.

Stage 4: Personalised follow up: (optional) Each workshop participant will receive a ‘take one thing…’ card three to five days after the event, giving them a single recommendation to improve their next presentation.  As an optional extra we can provide a one to one service, including coaching, guidance and assistance in preparing and practicing the presentation. If appropriate this can be followed by observation of a live presentation with immediate feedback and a written suggested action plan to embed and reinforce the skills required.

High Impact Presentations is suitable for groups with significant levels of experience or those who are completely new to presenting (although we don’t recommend mixing these groups on the same workshop).  For a free, no obligation discussion about how Learnworks can create a programme to improve your team’s presentation capabilities, call 00 44 1422 881873 or email Learnworks with your enquiry.