Complete Training – published today

by Robin on May 3, 2013

Today is publication day for Complete Training: from recruitment to retirement. This is my first book and has been described as: “Vital advice for anyone interested in developing an organisation’s most valuable resource – it’s people”.

The book looks at everything from TNA to training strategy taking in workshops, e-learning and work place development along the way. Complete Training is a practical polemic. It questions the role of L&D within organisations and is highly critical of some aspects of current practice. It is also a guide to making training work. From its manifesto to its strategy checklist, Complete Training outlines the values and approaches required to ensure training is a driver of performance in organisations and the source of growth, differentiation and advantage.

The book describes five key stages of employment – from recruitment to retirement – and provides tips about how available tools can be deployed to create lasting change. Each chapter includes life cycle tips – along with case studies and insightful asides. In lively and irreverent language, the book provides a recipe for more effective workplace training.

Its available in e-book form from Amazon (here) and from Google play (here) and in original book form (including complementary cover and pages) you can obtain a 25% discount and free UK P&P by clicking here and entering the code COMPTR13 at checkout.

Let me know what you think.

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